WordPress Speed Optimization

I spoke with Tom over at Smartbrand Marketing about WordPress speed and our website speed optimization service, WPSPeedFix.com.

Click play to tune in, full notes over at the Smartbrand marketing website – SBM 060 : Fix Speed, Improve Rankings and Stop Losing Customers with Brendan Tully

For more actionable insights, take a look at this blog article that explains WordPress Speed Optimization & How To Fix Slow WordPress

How to Fix WordPress Speed Problems

I have conversations about WordPress speed problems pretty regularly…i.e. people asking me for help in with their WordPress speed problems.

These conversations often frustrate the hell out of me because usually:

1. Its not the first time I’ve had the conversation with this person and they ignored the advice I gave them last time we talked.

2. They’re running a business that is generating decent $$$ off this website yet they think that paying any more than 5 bucks a month for hosting is wasting their money!!!

I’d say probably 75%+ of problems you’re having with WordPress and speed can be fixed by moving to WPEngine.

Yep sure its not 5 bucks a month but if you’re generating several thousand a month in revenue off this site is it really going to kill you to pay a little bit more than that?

Moving to Cloudflare will often knock another 0.5-1 seconds off your load time too (for free). There’s also a bunch of other things you should probably check through just in case. Here’s the full breakdown in my Troubleshooting WordPress Speed Issues post over at my TSES site.